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::::::Ginettte SzzEe AKA SZZEE Ginettte:::::

O-EM-FUCKING-GEE IT'S NOMAS ALREADY. I'm currently up in the Gat(ineau) hanging with the French-Canadian mother and séparatiste Québecois stepdaddy. Has anyone noticed how CALT it is out there? Like, nips should not be treated that way by the wind. It's not democratic.

Here's an interview with THE Ginettte SZeE.

  1. HI. oh.
  2. oh hai. hihihihihihihi
  3. What's your name and what do you do for a living and also for fun after work. GO. my name is ginginbonbon I rotate my turkey in an office but only for another few weeks then I'm learning to be a draftsperson and for fun after this I like to curl up in the fetal position.
    1. Whatdyoustudy? I learnded how to be an ENVIRONMENTALIST and now I'm going to learn how to make pritty 3-dimensional mechanical drawrings.
    3. Of the thousands of tats on your body, which one is your favrit? I play favrits with all my childrens. For example Bowie is my favorite dog. I bet your favorite tattoo is Reggie, the chubby, sexually ambiguous unicorn (aren't they all?) on my foot. REALNESS.
    4. Your favourite website or blog: Can't say. I read a lot of rape blogs, tho. Also, I recently enjoyed derailing for dummies www.derailingfordummies.com. I am always looking for new and exciting ways to feel like I'm better than everyone else.
    5. Best place to dine in the city and why: Lafaya!ya!ya!yettes because the soup is greazy and the entertainment (Roo complaining about life) is free. Also I eat in Chinatown (Village Mon Nan or Hong Kong Restaurant) at least once a week.
    6. Your fav date nights looks like: watching The Adventures of Baron Munchausen on my new Macbook Pro, WISS@RD, in bed.
    7. mad libs: 
    8. IF I COULD HAVE ONE THING FOR JEWISH XMAS THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, IT WOULD BE: Jews to eat Chinese food with. Holler I am so doing that.
    9. THE MOST nipple THAT PEOPLE DO THAT I bucket IS: baff. (ed's note: the most SWOONINGEST that GIN do that I: enjoyed, muchly.)
    10. THE GAYEST SONG EVER IS: Oh lawd. Have you ever seen my dudefriend get down at karaoke? We's as gay as two people with non-matching meats can possibly get. Lipster at Woof has a great song list for people like us. AAOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
    11. What are some of your plans for 2010. Learning how to operate a motor vehicUle.
    12. what are you listening to on your ipod these days-  Lately I have been too lazy to get into anything new. I'm sticking to The Transfused (homo rock opera), Forget Cassettes, M.O.P., Anna Oxygen, Wu-Tang and the Butchies. Gay.
    13. best song to break up to: I try not to do that to music anymore. But my outstanding breakup album of 2007 was Robyn/Robyn.
    14. best song/album to have a cool lemon drink on a porch on  a hot summer day to: Laura Veirs/Year of Meteors
    15. last book you read: God Is Not Great (aka Logic For 3rd Graders), Animal Farm, Travels with Charley, One Freak Show, a book on mechanical (hand) drafting and 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School. I tend to read several books at once, when I read books.
    16. anything to add? LOOK I BOLDED ALL YR QUETIUNS. I GOOD SECRETARY. (ed's note: teh bestest. U IZ HIRED!)