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Girl Guides, a missing web page and the queer canon

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UK Guides welcomes trans women

Girl Guides in the UK will now include all people who identify as female, including trans people, the organization has announced. The new rules include both children and group leaders.

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The case of the missing LGBT page

In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, some news sites were quick to announce that all reference to LGBT people had been scrubbed from the White House website. Further research, however, showed that, in fact, all White House content had been transferred to an archive site, and there was no evidence of specific targeting of LGBT content by Trump.

Australian kills five after homophobic attack on brother

An Australian man stabbed his gay brother and then plowed his car into a crowd, killing five people, allegedly out of anger at his brother’s sexual orientation. His brother was injured but survived.

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Texas to reexamine same-sex marriage equality

The Texas Supreme Court says it will reopen discussion on same-sex marriage, agreeing to hear a case on whether gay city employees must be given spousal benefits. Some see the case as an example of a legal environment emboldened by the recent US Republican electoral victory.

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Call Me By Your Name makes waves

Director Luca Guadagno’s queer film Call Me By Your Name is being hailed as a “major addition to the queer canon.” Read the review at the Guardian.