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Girls on film, Films about art

Festival of Films on Art is getting off to a start tomorrow with the opening film about Anne-Marie Tougas.

The Gazette runs down its picks, as does Le Devoir.



Quarantaine:  Males and the mid-life crisis, by co-director Philip Szporer, who is queer.

Reel Injun: Looking for traces of the "Hollywood Indian."

Local artists Jessica McCormack and Rae Spoon set animation to evocative, emotive song in We become our own wolves.



Je m'appelle Denis Gagnon: Who is the man hiding behind the enormous, black-framed
glasses? An intimate portrait of a complex personality at the 10-year mark of
his career. Denis Gagnon, among the top Canadian fashion designers of his
generation, puts the finishing touches to his collection. 

Offre-moi ton corps: A look at the methods of today's photographers who are
using the human body to represent the social and human preoccupations of
Western civilization. Over the past few decades, the nude body has become a
rich field of exploration for many artists, some of whom have even used their
own bodies as a canvas to convey their ideas and emotions.


Hockney: A Bigger Picture
Filmed over three years, this observational documentary
captures British artist David Hockney (b 1937) at a crisis point in his art
and life as he approaches the age of 70.
is queer.)



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