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Giving facetiousness

Over this past summer, when the Queen of Satire, David Sedaris, was in town he graced George Stroumboulopoulos with his presence to deliver his usual razor-sharp witticisms. Also, I don’t watch a lot of Stroumboulopoulos (unless he’s interviewing Margaret Atwood about dabbling in modernity), but does he always sit that uncomfortably close to people?

Sedaris spoke about his “slum lord” parents, renting apartments to gays and same-sex marriage:

"Nobody wants to get on a plane, and go halfway across the country, and wear clothes they don’t feel comfortable in, and choose between the beef and the chicken, and to sit in a loud room where this horrible band is playing, and they’re getting their picture taken . . . nobody wants that! So I wish that gay people would fight for the right to marry and then not one of them would ever, ever do it."

Amen, sister.

(As a sidenote, my favourite Sedaris moment has always been a story about his childhood dream to sing commercial jingles in the styling of Billie Holiday.)