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Glam and Gams

Glam Gam's back with the unholiest of high holiday presentations. Their Hallow's Eve show promises elaborate sexy/ghouly costumes, Weekend at Bernie's inspiration and of course, lotsa sexy things. Here is an interview I did with them…

What are your fave costumes this year? Should they be scary or sexy?Actually, haven't even had time to think much about our actual Halloween
costumes this year since we've been knee-deep in preparation for the
show, which will be filled with elaborate costumes that we've whipped up
for the occasion (from sexy to disgusting!). It's just hard to choose
what to dress as for Halloween when we're the type of people who like to
dress up in animal costumes just to hang out in the park on a Tuesday.

Fave scary movie?
Weekend at Bernie's. Those neon bermudas are really terrifying!

Fave Halloweeen dance move?
We used to do the Monster Mash until someone from the radical monster
community informed us that it was monster appropriation…. Now we're
looking for a new groove!

If you were in a scary movie, what would it be about and what would it be called?

A coming-of-age tale, beautiful and piercing, cryptic and satisfying
Julie Paquet's Haunted Vagina.

What's this thing you got planned, in 25 words or less?
Child's play turned into foreplay, nightmares turned into wet dreams; this is our best show yet, guaranteed to get a rise… even from the dead!

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