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Glam no more

As of next Sunday, Glam Gam Productions is no more. Forget the Box has a wicked awesome write-up on their latest show, Tits the Season. Check their show, LAST EVER, on Dec 9, 10 and 11.

If I could throw my hat in the ring for a quick sec, I gotta say I'll miss them. They were a rare mix of artistic integrity, audaciousness and total fucking folly. I love it when people can REMEMBER LAUGHTER. Fuck high-brow: these kids would go into the woods, looking all wood thug-like, and take pics of themselves with neon accoutrements hanging from various parts of their bodies. This is art my friends. Anyway.

Julie from the trio of nipple triple threats had this to say about the parting…

"We have decided to stop producing shows in order to pursue other projects right now. Michael has decided to follow his childhood dream and move to Ottawa to pursue a career in real estate. Sarah and myself have decided to follow him there and join the Conservative party," she said in a serious interview, in all seriousness.

"But seriously," Julie adds, "we just need time to focus on other artistic projects, work on videos and apply for artist grants."


Thanks to midnightpoutine.ca for the pic.

RIP, Glam Gam.

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