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Glee’s Kurt gets a boyfriend, and it could be you!

The hit musical TV series Glee doesn't return until April, but it's still making big headlines. This past weekend, the show won a Golden Globe for best comedy series, and now it's been revealed that Kurt's getting a boyfriend. Swoon!

Entertainment Weekly got a few spoilers from the show’s creator Ryan Murphy. From EW.com:

"We just announced we're doing a nationwide search for the season two cast, and [a boyfriend for Kurt is] one of the three roles that we're adding," says Murphy. "And we're going to make them a power couple. We're not going to do the whole hiding in the shadows thing. We're going to make them popular, and out and proud and glamorous. Like prom king and king. We're doing the opposite of what's been done." (Read more spoilers on EW.com

Chris Colfer stars as Kurt Hummel on Glee

Auditions are open to anyone between the ages of 16 to 26, starting in February. Check out Glee's open casting call page — more details are expected soon. Watch out for this web editor's auditon video!

Watch Kurt's fab "Single Ladies" routine:

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