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Glen Murray won’t de-fund Catholic schools

'We should be careful about trampling on others'

Glen Murray.

Openly gay provincial Liberal leadership contender Glen Murray is in no hurry to challenge public funding for Catholic schools in Ontario.

“Be very careful if you try to erode Catholics’ or anyone else’s constitutional rights,” Murray says in an interview with Xtra.
While he says he doesn’t agree with the way that Catholic schools deal with gay and lesbian youth issues, he isn’t going to shutter the schools any time soon. He points out that the funding is protected in the Constitution.
“It is this basic kind of right that is protected only by the Constitution and we should not give it up and we should be careful about trampling on others.”

Murray is a former Ontario cabinet minister and is the MPP for Toronto Centre, a riding with a large gay and lesbian population.  

The new leader of the Ontario Liberal Party will be chosen at a leadership convention that begins on Jan 25, 2013.  The winner will replace Dalton McGuinty, who stepped down as premier in October. 
In the below interview Murray talks about Catholic school funding, sex ed and being one of two openly queer Liberal leadership candidates.