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Glitter, oxytocin and a parliamentary proposal

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Gay Liberal MP Tim Wilson celebrates the results of the same-sex marriage survey on Nov 15, 2017 in Canberra, Australia. Credit: Michael Masters/Getty Images

Australian marriage reaches the house

After passing the senate, a same-sex marriage bill is before Australia’s House of Representatives where, during debate, one gay MP proposed to his partner on the house floor. []

Should we ban glitter?

It may be a staple of every drag queen’s toolkit, but some scientists say we should ban glitter to help the environment. [The New York Times]

Tanzania arrests woman over kiss video

After a video of a woman kissing another woman at a party after an apparent marriage proposal was posted online, authorities in Tanzania have arrested her. Authorities say they are also searching for the woman who was proposed to. [Reuters]

Rainbow flags to be allowed at Russia World Cup

An official for the Russian Football Union says rainbow flags and LGBT fans will be welcome at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but fans must not “propagate” LGBT ideas to children in the country. [The Guardian]

Chinese researchers are studying the effects of oxytocin on homosexuality

In a clinical trial, Chinese researchers are puffing the hormone oxytocin up the noses of gay men and measuring their sexual orientation. It’s unclear whether the researchers are trying to change men’s sexuality. [Shanghaiist]