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Glitz of Sochi Olympics can’t hide brutality of Russian discrimination

Online gaybashing videos cause outrage

The glitz and glamour of the Sochi Olympic Games can’t hide the brutality of Russian discrimination against LGBT people. Gaybashing videos on YouTube and other social-media sites are causing outrage in the LGBT community as Russia prepares to bask in the limelight.

As the world turns its eye to the Sochi Winter Olympics, Russia’s intolerance is being displayed in videos surfacing on social media sites. The result is what seems to be a groundswell of opposition to the country’s anti-gay legislation and mentality. 

With the opening ceremonies just hours away, protests against Russia’s treatment of LGBT people are scheduled across the globe.  

In Toronto, a group will gather on Thursday, Feb 6 at Queen’s Park to speak out against Putin and celebrate gay athletes. Protesters plan to wear pink and run in a triangular formation around the park. A separate rally for global gay rights is being organized the same day by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, at 6pm outside the Russian consulate.  

The above video is a compilation of clips showing gaybashings in Russia, accompanied by excerpts of interviews with Russian politicians.

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