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Globe writer argues penis jokes not funny

BY MATT MILLS –In a piece entitled "Bromance Is Blossoming into Bronography," published in Saturday's Globe and Mail, columnist Johanna Schneller identifes what she sees as an emerging trend in US entertainment media: a proliferation of dick jokes.

It's a funny and interesting essay in which the author uses scads of penis analogies and double entendres, enumerates a great list of recent dick-joke examples – very helpful for those readers who want to build dick-joke video libraries of their own – then argues that dick jokes, or jokes about genitalia of any configuration, are simply not that funny. Kind of a head-scratcher, really, if you take it too seriously, but well worth a light read.

Here's an example pointed out by Schneller, with more than 33 million views on YouTube: Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake's collaborative masterpiece, "Dick in a Box."

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