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Glory! Holy night

As if the miles of lights strung along the streets or the 70-foot reindeer in the Eaton Centre weren't enough, Toronto just got a little more festive.

Toronto has no lack of musical talent, as is exemplified by this adorable holiday duet by YouTube musical artist Andrew Gunadie and cabaret sensation Chris Tsujiuchi. "We're like an Asian Josh Groban and Mariah Carey," Gunadie says in the description of the video (though luckily, Tsujiuchi skips on the excessive Carey histrionics).

Tsujiuchi also has his Very Chris-terical Christmas Cabaret coming up this weekend, with details on page 21 of the latest issue of Xtra. Tsujiuchi has been doing an advent-style video countdown to his cabaret, which can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Joyeux Noel!