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Glow for Dr Peter

Vancouver performer Tyrell Witherspoon's new single "Glow" is available for download. Proceeds from the sales benefit the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation. 

The organization's website says, “At the Dr Peter AIDS Foundation, every day is an inspiring reminder of what we can achieve by providing HIV treatment and other supports for people whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS and additional challenges of addiction, mental illness, poverty and discrimination."

Tyrell shared the song's meaning with Xtra: "I wrote this song with the intention to reach out to the younger generation out there who also have big dreams. I am a firm believer in anything is possible if you believe it will happen and work your butt off to do it. Trust me, you’re going to have more than enough people who will break you down and tell you you can’t. Sometimes you just want to quit. I know I have. But with the right support around you and persistency to do your best, you’ll always come out on top."

Take a second to listen to the track, and then download it here for a good cause. 

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