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Go big or go home!

You could make another badly acted gay indie movie, for instance, or you could make 'The Big Gay Musical:'

You could be a Christian church that actually challenges homophobia for once or you could put up a big billboard in San Diego about it:

You could have a wedding procession or you could have THIS wedding procession:

You could hold a funeral or you could hold a CLOWN FUNERAL:

You could go biking this weekend or you could bike from Toronto to Montreal for SIX DAYS:

Umm, yeah, that would be me.  Once again, I'm heading out this Sunday on the Friends for Life Bike Rally in support of the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.  Blogging will be light next week as I struggle up hills, dash over potholes and — yikes — sleep in a tent!

You could wish me luck or you could please, please pledge me and donate to a fantastic organization working for a good cause.  So until we chat again, have a great weekend!