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Canadian photographer's nerdy work featured on gaming blog

Basic equation for nerdy success: cute guys + video games + badass photography

I've been a big fan of Nova Scotia-based photographer Shaun Simpson's work for a while now (read: cute guys), but I was recently delighted to see a collaboration he did with cosplayer, costume builder and general cutie Nathan DeLuca. In the series, DeLuca dons the armour and persona of the Mass Effect companion character Kaidan Alenko.

A few interesting facts about the creation of Alenko:
1. In the series, the character is a Canadian, hailing from Vancouver!
2. Alenko is also a possible same-sex love interest for gamers playing a male Shepard (the game's protagonist) in Mass Effect 3.
3. The face model for Alenko is openly gay Southern Californian Luciano Costa!

Yesterday, popular gaming blog Kotaku posted a piece featuring a number of amazing, gritty, HDR-shot cosplaying pics, including Simpson's DeLuca-Alenko. All kinds of nerdy awesome!