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God made me do it

Filthy gay radio should stay off the air, say opponents

Some people opposing a broadcast licence for the gay Rainbow Radio station claim that they are speaking on behalf of God.

One couple fears that a go-ahead would put “Canada on a very serious slippery slope into moral decay,” reads one e-mail from Lloyd and Alma Jackson of New Brunswick.

“Canada was built on Christian Principles with the supremacy of God. Wisdom and prudence should be reflected in Canada’s granting of radio licenses,” reads another computer message sent to the CRTC and aimed at stopping Rainbow Radio from winning its 93.5FM bid.

So far, Rainbow Radio has received 254 letters in support. In contrast, Andy McNabb’s bid for Christian Music Service Radio received 290.

Rainbow Radio is drawing strong reactions from religious opponents.

Some e-mails declare an affiliation, like Father WT Sehl’s links to WTS (Wonderful Terrific Sensational site) Canada (at or with the Catholic Canada Directory (at, where he is the webmaster.

Catholic Canada links to a website set up for the ex-gay outfit called New Direction For Life Ministries-Toronto Inc, and a site that wants to “help” kids go straight.

One letter of intervention declares that the “lifestyle of the gay/lesbian sector of our society is dangerous to ones [sic] health.”

Sent from the desk of John Van Der Woude of Prince George, BC, it also reads: “The province of British Columbia has invoked a ban on smoking, under the reasoning of protecting the workers in the work place against second hand smoke. Are our children not worthy of being protected against the harmful results of the gay/lesbian relationships?”

Rainbow Radio is backed by 3,045 postcards and 2,539 names on a petition. The folks behind it, CKMW, already own and operate AM530 and HITS 103.5FM.

While many applications have been received for the much sought after 93.5FM slot on the radio dial, only three seem to be attracting big attention and big bucks.

Rainbow Radio is up against two prominent members of the black community: Denham Jolly and Arnold Auguste.

Jolly is an urban music heavyweight and president of Milestone Communications. Back in 1997, Milestone lost its second bid for a radio station by only one vote – a controversial mess that pitted a black station against the CBC.

Public hearings begin in Toronto on Mon, Jan 31 at 9am, at the Triumph Howard Johnson Plaza-Hotel (2737 Keele St). To get involved, visit the CRTC website at; Rainbow Radio is at