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Gods of the stadium

New calendar takes athletes off the field and into your home

Dieux du Stade 2014. Credit: Dieux Du Stade

If you’re a fan of rugby — or in Xtra’s case, rugby players — then rejoice, for it’s almost time to hang Dieux du Stade’s 2014 calendar.

Dieux du Stade translates to “Gods of the Stadium,” and it’s easy to see why. Since 2001, its annual calendar has featured nude photos of the Paris-based rugby team Stade Français — each player more jaw-droppingly gorgeous than the last.

The 2014 calendar has been on sale since Oct 2. Rather than using an elaborate theme, this year’s offering brings it back to the basics, focusing solely on the athletes and their many, many, many muscles. Sorry, we’ve started to drool a bit.

If these stunning rugby boys aren’t enough, the calendar also features guest appearances by other professional ball-handlers, such as soccer’s Olivier Giroud and Yohan Cabaye, handball player Nikola Karabatic and professional boxer Alexis Vastine.

The calendar costs €26.60 ($37 Canadian), which regrettably, cannot be paid in graphic sexual favours.

This calendar is a definite must-buy for the holidays. Xtra suggests you buy two — one for the wall and another to hide under your mattress to keep you warm during those cold winter nights — well, part of you anyway.

The calendar can be purchased from Stade Français’s official store, but it gets better — a making-of Dieux du Stade 2014 DVD is also available for purchase. It documents the calendar’s creation, allowing you to view these men in more high-definition angles than ever imaginable.

If you’re curious, here’s a teaser of the calendar and the behind-the-scenes video, showing these boys lifting their bodies, lowering their towels and getting hot, wet and ready for action — rugby action, that is.