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Going greek…

So you can imagine my surprise…hanging out with my Torontonian friend "Greco-Italian Dave" tonight, I learned something new and unexpected, which doesn't happen as much nowadays as it should. Which, as per earlier admission of surprise, is surprising because according to popular opinion, Toronto isn't here to surprise.

Toronto has a reputation. No, it's not the punchy-stabby-shooty reputation that has rocked the Toronto Star every day since I came here, but rather, the reputation that has haunted Toronto since the days of yesteryear. Toronto the Gray. Toronto the Blue. Toronto the Abstainer. Toronto the Anti-Sextite.

Despite this reputation, whilst sitting at a local "watering hole" later in the evening, I learned that "Going Greek" does not mean:

1) Ordering souvlaki and actually pronouncing it as "souvlaki" opposed to "slouvaki" or "that bready thing with chicken and garlic sauce"

2) Having a penchant for handsome men and/or women of Grecian descent

3) Forsaking North American pleasures for a sun-kissed island in the middle of the Adriatic and/or Aegean Sea. 

4) Choosing a fraternity or sorority in hopes of meeting the men and women described in #2

No no…"Going Greek" means none of these things. Apparently, as indicated by, it means: 

1. going greek 47 up31 down love ithate it
to fuck a girl or guy in the ass using olive oil for lube
The chick wanted me to go greek on her ass, so I did and it was awesone.
by Greek Ass Raper Aug 1, 2005 share this add comment  

Many thanks to for its douchebaggary and douchebags-only example. And also: many thanks to page 46 of the local Spadina-Bloor-Dupont community paper whose name I can't remember. You have taught me many things…and nothing, all at the same time.

* What I don't know about Mac computers could fill…well, you finish that sentence as you see fit. I noticed that the photos from Tuesday Hotness are not loading, at least, not while I'm writing this post. If I can find an internet cafe tomorrow, I will fix the problem. If not, I will fix it on Thursday. I personally can't believe that Tuesday Hotness has been reduced to four ? ? ? ?. On the flipside, the book tour was a success…thanks again for your patience. Can't wait to get back to Vancouver.