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Golden Fantasticals

Wow I watched some of the Golden Globes last night and it moved me to tears. Ok, most things make me a little teary-eyed, I'm easily moved! But there's something about the old Hollywood-style of mutual industry circle jerks. Seriously.tho.

BAH. Anyway, I "watched" as in, shuffled from my craft room (yes I have a room dedicated to the creative persuit of arts)—as I was sewing up a new couch pillow—to the TV room, and it was nice to see a bit of queer-ish representation. In particulour, I was happy to see Drew Barrymore up there, I LOVED Grey Gardens the documentary and LOVED the recent HBO take on the two spinsters in the decrepit gardens.

Yes fine granted, she's not queer, but you know who is? MS JANE LYNCH. And Glee won for best tv comedy, in no small part due to this stalwart of a woman and her seasoned, perfected comedic timing. Tina Fey mouthed something to the camera when they announced her nomination. Someone tell me what she said! Also, Modern Family lost out to Mama Lynch.









PSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPSPS I don't have tickets to go see Tegan & Sara and An Horse tonight, but tickets remain.

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