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Goodbye, Jack. We’ll miss you

The ticket wicket is now closed.

After three years and multiple cupcakes, Michael Cyril Creighton’s Jack in a Box web series is finally over. Creighton talked about the end of Jack in a previous interview with Down East in August: 

"Creating this show for the past three years has been a really important
and huge part of my life. It was instrumental in my development as an
actor and writer. And it has flown by. I never intended to go this long,
but I just couldn’t stop. It’s kind of like my thing with tacos. Just.

Audiences couldn’t stop watching, either, waiting to see how Jack would handle everything from new bosses to learning that his goody-two-shoed co-worker is “way pierced.” Posting on his Facebook wall, Creighton said, “The final episode leaves Jack full of unsureness. I plan to take my own unsureness and use it for good. I have no idea what or when I’ll create next . . . but I will. And when the time comes, I’ll definitely post about it 575 times a day . . . ‘in case you missed it.’ Squeezies, MCC/’Jack.’"

Goodbye, Jack. Jack is gone. Long live Michael.

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