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Google Street View is live in Canada. Creeped your exes yet?

Almost two-and-a-half years after its US launch, Google Street View has finally gone live with street-level images for 11 Canadian cities.

Just think of the practical uses:

  • When visiting another Canadian city and you’re looking for the local bathhouse, use Google Street View to scope out the surrounding area!
  • Fun games of “How has my city’s gaybourhood changed since Google’s cameras captured
    these photos?” Ottawa has since installed more rainbow flags in its
    , and Toronto’s Zelda’s is no longer on Church St.
  • Reminisce about patio season at your local pub – at least until Google updates its summer/springtime street-level pictures, or until nice weather comes around again.

The list is endless, really. It almost (but not quite) makes me forgive Google for yesterday’s news. I’m also a bit miffed that I can’t spot any coworkers in this shot of our Toronto office:

Have you caught any funny Canadian moments on Google Street View? Let us know!

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