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Google takes Freddie Mercury on a Magical Mustache Ride

(Side note: If Disneyland ever commissions a ride called “Freddie Mercury’s Magical Mustache Ride,” I want royalties.)

I really am quite ashamed that I missed this, but for those of you who still use Google, rather than just typing whatever you need to look for into Chrome’s search bar, you’d know that Google put together the most awesome video ever in honour of Freddie Mercury’s birthday. It looks exactly like what would happen if Nintendo ever released an 8-bit game based on Queen wherein Freddie rides a lightning-eating tiger, jumps over a shark and conducts an orchestra of animals that would tear any mortal man’s jugular out.

Are we allowed to say that Freddie was the most epic gay man ever to live? I think that’s a safe bet, right? Unless you guys can come up with someone better, because honestly, I’m kind of stumped here. I mean for shit’s sake, the guy is responsible for “Bohemian Rhapsody.” If someone took that song and manifested it into a living object, it would probably be like this super awesome gay version of Superman that shoots rainbows out of his nipples. Freddie Mercury, I deem you the greatest gay man ever to live.


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