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Gossip round: Duncan James comes out as bisexual

BLUE BALLS. Brit singer Duncan James comes out as bisexual.

Duncan James, of Brit-pop boy band Blue, has just come barrelling out of the closet. “I’m bisexual,” James says, in a recent exclusive with the UK’s News of the World. “I’ve been in loving relationships with men as well as women — and I’m not ashamed.”

James’ decision to go public comes as the Blue boys — who, in 2005 at the advice of rock god Elton John, put the brakes on in favour of solo career pursuits — prepare for a reunion which includes the upcoming Best of Blue Tour 2009 and a new album (slated to drop in 2010). “I don’t feel I should launch a big comeback with Blue hiding this. I don’t want to go back to the time in the band when I felt I had to keep certain things quiet. I want to be out and say I’ve had relationships with men as well as women,” says James. “So doing this interview gives me the ability to go forward.”

It was back in 2001 that James — who cites Catholicism as the reason he didn’t explore homo sex sooner — first fell for a man. “Up until that point I’d never had those feelings toward a guy before. But this person came into my life and put a spanner in the works. I definitely loved him. It was my first experience like that.”

But because of the simultaneous notoriety garnered by the band’s debut album, All Rise, James kept his “secret life” to himself. “I was so confused about everything. Blue were becoming more and more successful. I felt frightened. I bottled it in and didn’t tell anyone. It was almost like it didn’t happen.”

James has had several high-profile hetero flings including a bout with Geri “Ginger Spice” Halliwell and has a four-year-old daughter with ex-girlfriend Claire Grainger.  “Being bisexual as a man is a taboo subject but I’m 100 percent happy with who I am… I’m at a place where I’m finally comfortable with myself after 31 years. I’m ready to be honest, not just to myself but to all the fans and everyone who’s been there for me.”

Chiselled hunk Terrell Carter, best known for his work in the Tyler Perry Madea movies, didn’t have a hand in his outing.

In a recent fit of lover-scorned, alleged ex-boyfriend Alex Cortez uploaded intimate photos of the once-happy couple (think Lipstick Alley, Twitter and MySpace). Cortez, whose June Tweets were full of adoration (“Missing my baby Terrell Carter” and “Missing my big daddy TERRELL CARRTER luv u babe!”), is now tweeting rage. On Jul 5 Cortez wrote: “Hell yeah i’m angry!… there are fucked up ppl out there no matter how nice they seem to be & it’s their fault, ppl they harm are bitter!” He’s further riling up gossip frenzy with claims that Carter secretly, yet routinely, hits gay nightclubs in LA and NYC — and in a post that’s since been deleted Cortez suggestively alludes to Carter’s HIV status.

This isn’t the first time homo rumours have circled Carter, who’s currently at work on his fourth independent LP, Finally. Back in 2008 gossip blogger Sandra Rose reported that Carter was dating Windsor-born dancer/actor Christian Vincent. Rose claimed that there were photos and that her source was “as credible a source as one can get.” Vincent, who has toured with the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin, is out and proud. He currently stars in the LOGO comedy Noah’s Arc.

In other news the recent launch of Beth Ditto’s clothing line, Beth Ditto for Evans, was a wildly successful star-studded affair. The festivities went down at the ultra glamorous, ultra quirky joint, Sketch, located in London’s fashion district, Mayfair. Ditto, clad in the infamous domino print that’s part of her ’80s glam-inspired collection, arrived arm-in-arm with Sir Philip Green, billionaire owner of the behemoth UK retailer Arcadia Group (which includes Evans).

While hotshots mingled — think Yasmin Le Bon, Simon Cowell, Daisy Lowe, Will Cameron, Kelly Osbourne and Peaches Geldof — Ditto and pal Kate Moss took to the karaoke stage and belted out various tracks, including David Bowie’s “Major Tom” and Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

The Evans design gig came after Ditto rejected a request to perform at Oxford St’s trendy Topshop (also part of Arcadia Group). “I don’t think it’s fair to put my face somewhere where they would never let me in there to wear their clothes,” Ditto stated. “Give me the job. I want to design, I want you to make clothes for big girls, big boys.”

Plus-size retailer, Evans, came knocking.

Ditto’s band mate Brace Paine was also in attendance at the clothing launch. Gossip is currently touring the UK in light of their recent disco-dance release, Music for Men.