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Gossip roundup: Lindsay Lohan, Sam Ronson, Aubrey O’Day, Tila Tequila and Daniela Sea

PEEPSHOW. Aubrey O'Day, from Vegas to Cuba.

Contrary to rumour Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson are not moving in together. But Lohan and Ronson reconciled quietly back in June. And outside of a couple public spats over Ronson’s friendships with Lohan-foes Nicole Richie and Drea de Matteo (one of which culminated in the kind of expletive-laden, clothes-tossed-out-the-window fights for which Lilo and Ronson are known), the couple have managed to stay off the gossip grid.

It helps that Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, recently recanted his snarling, homophobic Ronson-bashing. “I want to say I’m sorry for anything negative I said about Sam,” the loose cannon tells Life and Style magazine. The impetus for his change of heart? A tête-à-tête with Ronson at her Holly-wood Hills home. And to, he declares, “I realized that all the things I’d heard about the drugs and the partying were a lie…. If my daughter’s healthy and happy and in a good relationship, I’m happy for her.”

Meanwhile Playboy continues to chase Lilo for its centrefold. Last year Lohan declined Hugh Hefner’s initial offer of $500,000; she also rejected the $700,000 bid for some 55th anniversary issue T&A. Playboy recently upped the ante to $900,000, a figure that Lohan is reportedly considering.

In the meantime Playboy alum Aubrey O’Day, who came out as bisexual back in February on E! network’s snappy late-night B- through D-list celebrity talk show, Chelsea Lately, recently dished on her Sam Ronson crush. “She’s so hot,” says Curve magazine’s September cover girl. “Every time  I see her I want to go over and talk to her, but it’s like she’s going to be like, ‘You’re that girl that tries to say you’re gay everywhere,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I promise — get to know me. We’d be perfect together.’” O’Day goes on to criticize the controversial romance. “Lindsay and that relationship made it such a joke. It was just, like, on every cover, on every tabloid. Their relationship has been her job for the past year…. You just can’t live up to that entire Disneyland circus that went on in your relationship. I couldn’t live up to all that shit.”

’Course ever since O’Day was fired last year from P Diddy’s girl-pop group, Danity Kane, her brash sexuality has made her a target for media trash-talk — be it her make-out session with fashion model and socialite Lydia Hearst-Shaw or the suggestive skin shots she posted on Twitter (which, by the way, were taken during rehearsal for Planet Hollywood’s million-dollar Vegas production of Peepshow, a burlesque extravaganza directed by out Tony Award-winner Jerry Mitchell, who handpicked O’Day after working with her in Broadway’s Hairspray).

These days it’s O’Day’s recent appearance on Fox News’ rightwing talk show Hannity that’s got her in hot water — she called Castro and Hitler “brilliant.” Before you get angry, watch the clip — O’Day was bullied and her point misconstrued. In her official statement O’Day clarifies: “Murderers and dictators generally are some of the smartest people out there — they just use their brain power for evil purposes. I don’t condone any of their evil behaviour, but I was asked about their intellectual firepower… and in my opinion you can’t have a low IQ and wreck [sic] that much havoc on the world. What Hitler succeeded in doing, was deplorable…. And I hope we never see such an abusive use of power again.”

Currently O’Day’s prepping for her as yet untitled reality show (host network TBA) which will track her Peepshow performances, the making of her solo album, the upcoming launch of her clothing line, Heart on My Sleeve, and of course whatever storms, Sapphic or otherwise, O’Day manages to weather. Incidentally before O’Day signed on to this project, MTV offered her a whack of cash to be the next Tila Tequila. O’Day opted out: “I had so many busy bees around me that just thought it was a bad idea.”

But the “busy bees” continue to swarm — trying, for example, to make sense of O’Day’s relationship with ex-L-Word star Daniela Sea (Max Sweeney). The two met back in May at the Life Ball in Vienna where they played tonsil hockey. “She was a beautiful kisser,” says O’Day. They also, at Sea’s suggestion, staged a faux wedding ceremony. They’ve been pals ever since.

Speaking of The L-Word, though its sixth and final season wrapped earlier this year, Showtime has given thumbs-up to a spin-off — The Real L-Word: Los Angeles. Helmed by L-Word creator Ilene Chaiken and production duo Magical Elves (Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz) of Top Chef fame, the reality show will stalk the lives of six LA lesbians.

“I believe we are not nearly finished telling our L-Word stories,” says Chaiken, who’s eager to continue with Showtime on “this mission to entertain and enlighten and bring more L to the world.”

The gig, of course, depends on casting — which the network is attempting to nail right now. Assuming there’s no shortage of Shanes and Bettes and Alices in LA, the series will debut in 2010.