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Grab the Pitbull by the scruff

The Scruff boys are coming to Toronto

Johnny and his Scruff screw take over Toronto with the help of Pitbull, Fri, June 6.

Get ready, Toronto: the Scruff boys are making the trip north of the border.

The social-media gurus and developers of the eponymous app are partnering with Pitbull for what could be the hairiest party of the year. “This will be my first time ever to Canada, and I’m so excited,” says Johnny Scruff, founder of Scruff. “The men seem so nice and scruffy.”

It’s been a banner year for Scruff. Even if you’re not familiar with the gay social networking app, you’ve likely seen the boys on a more national stage this year. Scruff teamed up with RuPaul’s Drag Race this season in the form of the always enjoyable and scantily clad Pit Crew, RuPaul’s personal assistants.

“Seeing us integrated on RuPaul’s Drag Race was so amazing! RuPaul is a legend, and it was surreal being on the show with her,” Johnny Scruff says. “Plus, the Scruff Pit Crew looked damn hot. Drag is about being whoever the hell you want to be, and I feel I’ve carried that notion with me throughout my career.”

With a keen eye fixed on what looks good in a pair of tighty-whities, the Scruff boys know how to have a good time and are eager to see what Canada has to offer. So what can revellers expect at a Scruff party?

“It’s really about bringing the community together. I’m also bringing some of my friends with me from NYC, including DJ Corey Craig, who will be spinning the party. We usually draw record crowds and I’m hoping this will be a great turnout. We have some Scruff swag to give out as well, so come get it, fellas!”