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Grammy-winning DJ Peter Rauhofer Q & A

DJ Peter Rauhofer won a Grammy for Best Remixer in 2000 and has been nominated an additional four times. Big Rogers is bringing him back to Vancouver Saturday, May 19 to spin at Club Five Sixty’s Poni. They have a 4am extension, so party all night! Get your tickets here.

Blitz & Shitz: What is it about a song that initially inspires you to remix it?

Peter Rauhofer: I see most songs as an unfinished demo version when I listen to them considering to remix it. Most of the time I can hear in my head in which direction I will take that song (if I like it of course).
B&S: Does the artist have to excite you, or just the song itself? Do you have a favourite artist to remix?
PR: If the song is not good, then it really won’t matter if the artist excites me, as I would be limited with my ideas. I think there is no artist left that I never remixed and would want to. I remixed over 300 artists in the last 27 years.
B&S: What is your best club memory?
PR: All the big parties in Spain and Brasil, but of course Roxy New York, where I was the resident DJ for eight years until it closed in 2007 . . . We had Madonna, Beyoncé, Cher and countless others performing there.
B&S: What haven’t you achieved in your life/career that you’re still hungry for?
PR: Well, I achieved a lot, but I am always ready for more surprises that come unexpected.
B&S: What can Vancouver expect from your set at Glitter?

PR: I haven’t been there in years . . . I guess it will be the ultimate Rauhofer experience! 

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