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Grandmother leaves church because of pastor’s anti-gay remarks

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI — A gay man has written about how proud he is of his grandmother, who walked out of her church after her pastor outed a gay teenager and said he would address the "problem of homosexuality."

The 20-year-old, who posted the story on the Reddit site, noted that his grandmother "was fairly conservative" before he came out to her a year ago, but he says his relationship with her trumps her religious leanings.

In his account, he describes how his grandmother apologized to the teen, who was put on the spot in front of the congregation, then said, "There are a lot of problems here, and him being gay is not one of them."

"The pastor is furious at her, but the associate pastor told her that he has a feeling she might be the catalyst, leading a lot of people that are unhappy with things out of the church, and that he himself was uncomfortable, because situations like this are what have led some teens to suicide," the grandson writes.

"It's a small thing, and I'm not the best storyteller, but I'm so proud of her, and I thought I'd share," he concludes.

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