Toronto Diary
1 min

Great News For People Who Like Trains

Premier McGuinty announces that the province is still moving ahead with the Union-Pearson transit link. This is, what, the twentieth time McGuinty’s announced that this project that nobody seems to want is going ahead. On the plus side, this could make it easier to respond to those Craigslist personals seeking fun at YYZ hotels.

Elton John and Billy Joel are bringing their co-headlining Face-2-Face tour to Toronto in May, and tickets for the diva-off go on sale Saturday at 10 am. My money’s on… no, actually, my money’s not going anywhere near this thing.

And the Gay Top Model franchise, fresh off its spectacular debut in Vancouver, is expanding to… Hamilton? Yes, our Hamilton. Perhaps Toronto and Montreal just have gay model overload. Anyway, they’re looking for volunteers and sponsors. They’re also looking for hot gay guys from Hamilton who haven’t already moved to Toronto to participate in the Model Competition on Feb 15. I certainly wish them good luck. If you’re afraid to take the GO Train out to the competition, you can always show support by joining the Facebook group.