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Greek neo-Nazis vs gay Jesus

Maybe you heard about this, but back in June, Greece’s Golden Dawn party made international headlines when one of its MPs threw a drink at a fellow MP before getting into a physical altercation with another. I would like to reiterate: this guy is a member of parliament in Greece.

Well, the Golden Dawn has decided to move away from assaulting women on TV to more pressing issues: specifically, protesting Corpus Christi, a play that depicts Jesus as gay. No, totally, Greece is in a severe economic depression, but gay Jesus? That shit’s the real problem. This is a firsthand account from a gay man who was allegedly assaulted by a member of Golden Dawn while police did nothing.

"I managed to leave and they kept shouting at me, ‘You run away you faggot, you ass-muncher.’ I looked back from half a block away, and then this other Golden Dawn MP comes over to me and he punches me in the face.   

"’Cry you little girl,’ he says. ‘Cry, you faggot.’”   

"I fell to the curb and he kicked me. My glasses were gone. I’m shouting, ‘Police, police, help, they are beating me,’” says Manolis. “The police officers turned their back and pretended not to see. As I moved away, one of them blew me a kiss.” (Source)

To be fair, you do have to remember what Jesus presumably said in the Bible about something like this:

"Lo, if anyone should ever depict me as being gay, thou shouldst feel free to totally forget about all that ‘love thy neighbour’ stuff and beat the shit out of them. Hey, when I told you guys to love everyone, I didn’t mean everyone everyone." – Jesus, 4:20 from The Book of No One. 

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