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Green Lantern probably just got outed as gay

Remember a week ago when DC announced that one of its major characters was coming out as gay, and I blindly guessed one of the Green Lanterns? Well, turns out casting a wide net paid off, because Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is currently rumoured to be the one coming out. So yay! I was partially right! High-five, self!

Although there is something of an asterisk to this: despite being the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott is probably the least-known character to carry the title. Also, there’s the matter of Scott gaining his powers from green flames and having a weakness against wood. Which, honestly, makes me think that DC’s setting up for the most elaborate gay joke in the world.

Yes, it’s cool that DC is introducing a gay character, but honestly, Marvel is kind of kicking their asses all over the place when it comes to LGBT inclusion right now. And if they were going to out a Green Lantern, are you really telling me they couldn’t have gone with one of the good ones? It all just feels like a missed opportunity. 

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