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Greens support Ontario prostitution decision

Of the four national parties, only the Greens have so far come out in support of the Ontario court ruling which strikes down the laws around prostitution. The release is as follows:

OTTAWA — The Green Party of Canada is welcoming Superior Court Judge Susan Himel’s ruling to strike down three Criminal Code provisions surrounding prostitution.

“We welcome the Judge's ruling because it makes clear that we need to undertake legal reform in Canada with a focus on harm reduction, given the mortal danger to sex trade workers,” said Adriane Carr, Green Party of Canada Deputy Leader.  “We can learn a lot, both positive and negative, from countries who have decriminalized prostitution so that the safety of sex trade workers is improved, such as New Zealand, Australia and Germany.”

The Green Party of Canada has advocated for a comprehensive Criminal Code reform that removes criminal sanctions and develops regulations for legal prostitution between consenting adults.  These reforms would be paired with enhanced counseling and educational services to assist people trapped in the sex trade through poverty or addiction, and financial assistance for sex trade workers who want to leave the life of prostitution.

“Judge Himel’s ruling allows us to proceed but we should do so carefully.  A Royal Commission would be a sensible method to develop new laws around prostitution that get it right,” said Green Leader Elizabeth May.  “What is obvious is that the laws we have now are not stopping the violence.  Reforming the law will allow this important conversation to proceed so that we can address any positive and negative consequences of legalization.”

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