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Grindr, monogamy and the House of Lords

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Grindr security flaw exposes users’ location

A security flaw in Grindr may expose users’ exact location, even if they have disabled location sharing, says a security expert. [NBC News]

Study: Monogamy more common among young gay men

A new study of American gay men shows that younger gay men are more inclined towards monogamy than older generations.

Venezuela to Colombia

As the political and economic crisis in Venezuela worsens, many gay men are fleeing to the cities of Colombia where they can live more freely, reports the Washington Blade.

Lambda Legal takes on Trump trans military ban

After US President Donald Trump tried to ban transgender participation in the military again, legal advocacy group Lambda Legal is once again taking the legislation to court.

Northern Ireland marriage bill passes first reading

A bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland has passed a first reading in the House of Lords in Westminster. At its second reading, it will be up for debate. A similar bill is also being introduced into the House of Commons. [The Independent]