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Grindr throws app into the US political ring

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – Gay hook-up app Grindr says it's mobilizing gay men as a political bloc in the US election "by delivering geo-targeted messages about equality issues to its 1.5 million US users — and to call those users to action," according to a Sept 5 announcement on its website.

"Gay men won’t be heard unless they vote – and driving them to vote this fall starts with raising awareness about GLBT issues on the ballots," the statement reads.

Apart from raising awareness about queer issues being voted on in November, the campaign, Grindr for Equality, will provide gay men with information about polling locations and highlight those state and local candidates who support queer initiatives.

By way of example, the statement highlights the proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in Minnesota as a critical issue and encourages gay men to contact their local representatives. "Additionally, Grindr for Equality plans to assist Ohio and North Carolina advocates who are working to lift their states’ bans on same-sex marriage."

“We must elect not only a president but representatives and senators who are supportive of our community and our equality,” says Grindr's founder and CEO Joel Simkhai. “Local elections have national impact, so we want to use Grindr as a tool for mobilizing and connecting gay men around the country to help make a combined national impact.”

 “‪There is no election or town too small to have a gay voice," Simkhai says.

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