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Group looks to TRANS*form healthcare

Halifax’s Trans Liberation League is teaming up with the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group to put on an information session this evening to discuss the state of healthcare for transgender people in Nova Scotia. TLL has created TRANS*form Healthcare, a project that looks at ways to change the current health services available to people in the trans community.

Down East spoke with Jacqueline Vincent, a member of the group, about tonight’s meeting.

How did TLL come to be?

The Trans Liberation League was formed specifically for the TRANS*form Healthcare campaign. A group of us decided that we wanted to fight for necessary healthcare services for trans people. We are an ad hoc committee and plan on coming together to organize for specific needs.

What is its mandate?

To try to make Nova Scotia a better place for trans people to live in. Right now we are specifically focusing on trans-related healthcare. Our specific vision and demands are outlined in our pamphlet [attached].

How does it hope to achieve these goals?

We are using a combination of public education, through events like info sessions and panel discussions; awareness-raising, through fun events like dance parties; government lobbying; and grassroots action. We plan to travel to communities across Nova Scotia to build provincewide support. We are building relationships with local communities and working in partnership with other organizations such as NSPIRG (Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group).

For more information, check out the FB page for the event.

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