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Guest Blog Posting Friday!

Hey bitches
and hos, Sean is über sore (thx shame spiralling on the floor so his "fuck buddy," aka Steve Adams,
is filling in…. Let's get to it.

So, a 40-foot grey whale was spotted in False Creek a couple days ago: very cool. Fucking thing was totally lost though. Apparently they (scientists?) have been
trying to revive the gray whale population that once thrived here. Here’s some youtubeage:

Just kidding, here it is: 

And then,
while stuck in an internet black hole I found these killer whales killing a gray whale. What the hell? Poor thing didn’t deserve it, or maybe it
stole something. In which case, drown that bitch. Tubeage: 

THEN, adding insult to injury, playing tennis
in Stanley Park today, right below those pigerrings breeding grounds, a HUGE bald
eagle swoops in, steals a baby herring right in front of its helpless mother, just
absolutely wrenching my heart apart. I
had sudden flashbacks of my dad stealing my virginity.

Till next

Steve Adams

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