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Gun Oil, John Lennon and good news from Russia

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Right oil, wrong gun

An Alabama Walmart surprised a few customers by mistakenly stocking its gun counter with “Gun Oil” personal lubricant. To be fair, Gun Oil might be useful for sportsmen who plan to go looking for bears.

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Yoko Ono: John Lennon may have been bisexual

John Lennon thought of himself as possibly bisexual, but was too inhibited to have sex with other men, his wife Yoko Ono said in an interview this week. According to Ono, Lennon said he would be open to sleeping with men if the right one came along.

Russia jails anti-gay thugs

In rare good news from Russia, six members of the anti-gay vigilante group Occupy Paedophilia have been jailed for attacks against gay people. The group lured and kidnapped gay men, and then beat and humiliated them on video.

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Oxford queer activist resigns for non-consensual groping

A student and prominent queer activist at Oxford University has resigned from all of her leadership positions after apologizing for non-consensual groping in a club. Annie Teriba campaigned against sexual assault and rape culture as an activist, but is now being denounced by the very groups of which she was part, writes Emily Shire at the Daily Beast.

Argentine trans activist killed

An outspoken trans activist for LGBT rights, Diana Sacayan, was killed in her apartment Oct 13. Sacayan is the third transgender woman killed in Argentina this month.

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