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Hacker or accidental activist: Westboro gets hacked

Activism can sometimes involve a certain amount of danger. That danger can sometimes manifest itself as legal repercussions, such as prosecution or jail time. Whether those possibilities are worth the time depends on all kinds of factors, but for some people, the risk is worth it.

In the case of this next story, if it is proven to be true, then a teenager could be facing jail time.

Image via Jezebal

According to Wired magazine, a teenaged hacker who goes by the name Cosmo the God has decided that attacking the Westboro Baptist Church is worth the risk of possible incarceration. The youth is apparently on probation for a recent hack he engineered. One of the conditions of his probation is that he is not permitted unsupervised access to a computer.

However, Wired claims it has proof that the 15-year-old hacked into two separate WBC Twitter accounts and even hacked into one of the church’s members’ DVR, leaving gay porn on it.

At least this hacker has an alleged sense of humour.

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