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Half-naked streaker protests gay marriage at French Open

I’m not sure if you noticed this, but a couple weeks back, France legalized gay marriage. For a country whose major export is fashion and gourmet cuisine, this was somewhat overdue.

What’s even odder about this is the fact that not only was there a pretty vocal group that opposed gay marriage, but they chose some rather . . . artistic ways of protesting. Just when you thought being against gay marriage couldn’t make less sense, they somehow found a way.

Despite the fact that the measure has already passed, a half-naked streaker at the French Open decided to get in one last jab at gay marriage by running on the tennis court during the game, wielding a couple of flares. I’m as confused as you are, really.

According to Americablog, those men were actually members of a coalition formed by the French Catholic Church and a right wing political party called UMP. They’re fighting gay marriage, but they’re pretty late to the party, since gay marriage was legalized in France a month and a half ago. Apparently, that’s not stopping them. The French who oppose gay marriage have different ways of showing their disapproval, but the Catholic Church/UMP coalition’s preferred way is to send men in various states of undress out into the street to publicly protest, because that doesn’t seem counterproductive at all. [SOURCE]

Oh, France. Even at your most homophobic, you’re still delightfully gay. Come on, Canada, we need to step it up here! France is kicking our collective ass!

Normally, this would be the part where I’d overthink this for a paragraph before posting a meme, but fuck it. This shit makes no sense, and it’s HILARIOUS. God bless you, stupid French protesters. Bless you and whatever ironic beliefs you hold dear. 

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