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Halifax discusses HIV nondisclosure prosecutions; 19 years of serving free

Why does it always seem like everything happens on the same day? And it’s not even the weekend.

Today at Dalhousie, noted speaker and executive director of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Richard Elliott, will speak on the issue of criminal prosecution in cases of alleged nondisclosure of HIV status in Canada. You can find out more info here. The lecture takes place from noon until 1:30pm at the Weldon Law Building in Halifax, 6061 University Ave in Room 207. This is a topic that Xtra has covered at length, and continues to do so.

Nineteen years ago today, the Supreme Court of Canada made a decision that changed the lives of many closeted service members. It ruled that gays and lesbians have the right to serve openly in the forces, after Michelle Douglas challenged her dismissal from the forces and won. To celebrate, the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic will offer free admission to its Hello Sailor exhibit and will have guest speaker Frank Letourneau on hand. Letourneau was discharged under the same regulations and will talk about his experiences.

In other news, have you read this? It’s an article about the history of Pink Triangle Press.

You really, really should.

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