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Halifax Keeps the Lights On

With the Atlantic Film Festival barely a week away, it’s nice to see the press that some of the selections have been garnering.

Case in point is Keep the Lights On, a film by Ira Sachs. The film follows the story of Erik and Paul, two men who meet through a hookup, but their relationship soon progresses past a one-time fling. The film follows the duo for years as their relationship progresses into all sorts of places, some good and some bad. Erik deals with his own boundaries and what it means to love and be loved, while Paul is closeted and has issues around drugs. It is an unflinching portrayal of two men who learn who they are both as individuals and as a couple.  

Although it may seem incongruous that something as simple as a soundtrack choice could be a selling point for a film,the film’s soundtrack has garnered press due to its use of music by New York composer Arthur Russell. A clip from the film was released today, featuring a sexy-yet-tenuous scene between Erik and a random trick. 

The film screens on Friday, Sept 14 at Park Lane Theatres. Check the box office website for more info.

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