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Halifax LGBT Chamber of Commerce looks to inaugural meeting

Early this spring, a group of people met up looking to create an LGBT chamber of commerce. Now, the Halifax LGBT Chamber of Commerce will be holding its first general meeting this Thursday evening at Statement, 2534 Agricola St.

“The need to bridge between the business environment and LGBT workers and customers has always been obvious but business has been timid,” committee chair Justin Schurman said in a press release. “However, we are in unprecedented times: nowadays successful businesses understand the connection between LGBT positive practices, thriving workers and happy, loyal customers."

Jules Chamberlain, the marketing chair for the organization, as well as one of the key people in the creation of Inter-Q, a networking organization, points out, “When 483 of the Fortune 500 companies specifically include sexual orientation in their workplace policies, you know that connection to business success to which Justin refers has been made. This chamber is here to help Halifax and the Atlantic region to build on and incorporate that level of success.”

Check out the Facebook event page for more info


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