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Halifax looks to create queer business group; Chic-fil-A meets Willam and friends

A bunch of queer and business-minded individuals in Halifax are looking to create an LGTBQ business network and possibly a chamber of commerce.  

This Thursday, the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a meet-and-greet at Pipa Restaurant on Argyle St. Darrell Schuurman, the president of the CGLCC, spoke with Xtra via email about the upcoming event. “The event on the 22nd is the first meeting, and is really meant to gauge the interest level for the formation of a Halifax/Atlantic LGBT Chamber of Commerce,” he explains. “The goal is to provide an opportunity for the LGBT business community to get together, network, learn and do business.” Schuurman goes on to note that he hopes to host monthly events to help foster opportunities for LGBT business. You can find out more information about how to RSVP at their website.


Speaking of queers and business, it’s been reported for a while now that American fast-food chain Chic-fil-A has been backing conservative politicians and groups, leaving many queers upset, not only over their politics, but also about feeling they have to forgo the restaurant’s famed snacks and goodies. But RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Willam and his friends have decided to say, Fuck it, even if they “make the baby Jesus cry."

This is the trio that should have sung at the end of Bridesmaids.

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