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Halifax Pride and NSRAP present timeOUT lecture series

Halifax Pride is in full swing this week, and the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project would like to remind you of the more intellectual side of all things LGBT.  

To honour the thoughts that go behind the parties, the protests (historically speaking) and parades, they are hosting their annual timeOUT lecture series

All the lectures will take place at the Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library, at 5381 Spring Garden Rd. The talks will begin at noon and end by 1pm. According NSRAP’s website, this year’s talks include:

The Spectrum of Trans Identities: A panel of perspectives on what a trans identity is (or what they are). Speakers include Jude Ashburn (non-binary), Kate Shewan (trans woman), Jay Aaron Roy (trans man) and Cybelle Rieber (health implications). 

A Dialogue on James Baldwin: Social worker Robert Wright and activist and curator Robin Metcalfe discuss James Baldwin’s work, and his queer and black legacies as we approach Baldwin’s 90th birthday.

Telling Queer Stories: What are the challenges, risks and rewards of telling LGBT stories? Panellists will include a historian (Chris Frazer), a biographer (Evelyn C White) and a performance maker (Stewart Legere).

How Not To Be Offended: Activist Kevin Kindred has a modest proposal: that the word “offended” be banned from the English language. Come join the discussion.  

When asked — via the event’s Facebook page — what the audience for How Not To Be Offended could expect, Kindred said, “I’m interested in the word [offended] itself, in a nerdy dictionary way, and also in the kinds of conversations we have using it. I think it’s a multifaceted word that causes a lot of trouble, and I try to imagine the kind of conversations we might have without it.