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Halifax Pride is for intellectuals

As much as Pride is about fun and parties, it's nice to see certain prideful minds still have their thinking caps on during the annual festival.

NSRAP has been gabbing away all week long with its Time Out Lecture series. This Thursday will be "Talking Trans" with Nolan Pike, discussing the politics, preferences and pronouns. On Friday NRSAP's own Kevin Kindred comes out swinging with "Lies, Damned Lies… And Activism", where he looks at how misinformation is spread in the work towards equality for the rainbow community. 

Also on Thursday is "Reading Out Loud" at the Gottingen Street Library. An evening of readings by local queers of queer stories, essays and more. Co-sponsored by Venus Envy, it's a place where literary queers can express how the stories they love helped shape them, or at the very least, moved them.

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