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Halifax Pride: Learn it and learn it well!

Pride in Halifax isn’t just a bunch of parties, although those are rather fun. It also includes public presentations, lectures and discussions about queer identity, past, present and future. Here are a few you may want to check out.

prideHealth is putting on a series of lectures and presentations during Halifax Pride Week. Cybelle Rieber, from prideHealth, believes that Pride is a perfect time to “provide opportunities for learning and discussion about the state of healthcare for our community and the needs of the community. It is important to both Capital Health and the IWK to engage with the Pride community in a number of ways, and these sessions are really about building capacity.”

The presentations include talks on such subjects as healthcare and queer women; the screening of a documentary called Gen Silent, about the issues that queer seniors face in long-term care; as well as a discussion of transgender issues and accessing healthcare. For more information, check out prideHealth’s website.

NSRAP is also putting on its annual lecture series, called timeOUT. Topics range from the grassroots history of Pride in Halifax to the Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms’ 30th anniversary.

"The lecture series is NSRAP’s major contribution to the Pride events in Halifax,” says NSRAP’s Kevin Kindred. “We do it to make sure there’s a good forum to learn more about the social and political issues of interest to the community — we see Pride as a time for discussion and contemplation, as well as celebration. Every year we try to offer a variety, and this year is no exception. Our topics range from aboriginal issues, to healthcare, to the Charter, to the nature of Pride itself. We hope there’s something there for everyone."

You can find out more by contacting NSRAP.

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