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Halifax raises funds for former resident beaten in Newfoundland

Patt Blackburn posted a rather disturbing photo on his Facebook wall a few days ago.

Underneath it was this caption:

If any one knows what happened last night PLEASEt PVT msg me. I just got back from the hospital, apparently I was found unconscious and full of blood. IPhone is missing …PLEASE PVT anything – I have short term momery loss. 

It was later reported that Patt was attacked and that his injuries had been quite serious.

Blackburn used to reside in Halifax but moved to Newfoundland a few years ago to be close to his family and his roots. When he lived in Halifax, he was part of the drag scene here and would perform under the name Annie Cockadoo. To help support Blackburn at this time, a benefit has been organized, which will take place this Sunday at 9pm at Menz Bar on Gottingen Street. For more information, contact Rouge Fatale through her Facebook fan page.