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Halifax’s Youth Project robbed

Yesterday, the Halifax Youth Project announced on their Facebook page that they had recently been the victims of a series of thefts. 


[We] feel we have no choice but to close [our drop in services] for the time being. We’re very saddened, disappointed and a little angry that someone would choose to do this to a non-profit, especially around the holiday season. The ones impacted the most by this will be LGBTQ youth, who will lose resources and opportunities. We will announce when our space is back open, because we know the holiday break is the time we see a lot of YP returnees! We want to see you, give us some time to bounce back and re-open. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact us.

Down East spoke with Sheena Jamieson, the Youth Project’s support services coordinator about the recent happenings. “We’re still making an inventory of everything. As for what we know has been stolen, there is a Wii, a Play Station, as well as their accessories and games, a camera and battery, power tools, cash and a student visa card.” Jamieson believes the thefts took place over a few days, most probably while the Youth Project was organizing a GSA conference here in the city.   

As for Halifax’s queer youth who are looking to gain access to the Youth Project, Jamieson says that for the next few weeks, youth will have to contact the YP to organize times that they can come and gain access to the space.  

However, with all of this bad luck, she notes, “People have been supportive in asking what we need and seeing if they can help recoup items.” Jamieson also notes that the local community was “amazingly generous” at a recent auction that the YP held last month.

If you’d like to help out, check out The Youth Project’s donate page.

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