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Halloween: A Cheap Costume Idea

Hallowe’en is nearly here! Xtra and Fab have already listed all the party goings-on for the sacred gay weekend, and over at the Round-Up Scott’s got a list of spooky costume suggestions (although I think it might still be too soon to go as Matthew Shepard, personally).

This year I’m keeping it simple and going as one of Toronto’s local ghouls — terrifying Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno.


DiManno’s terrible writing has attracted criticism all over the interwebs, particularly from Torontoist (where I snagged the above composite), and also on this very blog. As someone with no moral compass or shame, she’s the perfect source for a drag costume.

I was all prepared to go out and buy wig and do a terrible dye-job myself, but then I discovered that Shoppers’ Drug Mart sells ready-made DiManno wigs off the rack.  


They’re just called “Colour Streak Witch” wigs. Simply pull the hair behind your ears, throw on some junk earrings, and add cherry red lipstick. Air of disgust, spite, and utter shamelessness sold separately. Happy Hallowe’en!

 Oh, and if you’re looking for real news, Canadian Blood Services has recently created a fan page on Facebook, and this week activists have inundated it with complaints about the gay blood donor ban. It sure looks like CBS is having fun responding to each of the complaint posts, so why not go stir the pot a bit?

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