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Hamilton denies defamation

City council candidate Jamie Lee Hamilton is denying defamation charges brought against her Oct 4 by Vision Vancouver mayoral candidate Jim Green and council candidate Heather Deal.

The plaintiffs’ statement of claim says Hamilton insinuated on her Internet blog that Green and Deal were having an affair. “The Plaintiff Green is married, a fact widely known in the community, and amongst the electors of the City of Vancouver. The Plaintiff Deal is in a long-term committed relationship with another person. The allegations of an adulterous, or indeed any, sexual relationship now or at anytime in the past between the Plaintiffs are false and untrue.”

Hamilton’s statement of defence, filed Oct 26 in BC Supreme Court, acknowledges she uses colourful language, but denies the allegations against her. Regarding insinuations of an affair, the statement says: “The defendant denies her writing implies this and once she received information that the plaintiffs were upset over the blogs, and in a very public way, apologized to the plaintiffs and took the blogs down.”

Hamilton’s statement of defence further says the “cattiness” of her blog is common to the queer community. “It is implemented for its over the top language and shock value.”