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Happy 55th birthday, Madonna

A list of 55 reasons why we still love her

Happy birthday, indeed.

1. Because she is still the Queen!

2. She has “Absolutely no regrets”

3. The gap in her teeth.

4. Rocco Ritchie’s Instagram account

5. Tony Ward

6. She dated Basquiat!!!

7. The 1999 MTV Awards Marie Antoinette Vogue performance

8. The MTV kiss with Britney and Christina

9. Her Music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel…..

10. She predicted the outcome of her career back on the Dick Clark show in 1983!

11. Her Superbowl performance….still the most viewed television event EVER!

12. Carlos Leon

13. Lourdes Leon

14. Jesus Luz

15. Guy Ritchie

16. Swept Away? She looked amazing?


18. She plays chess with Dogs

19. She does other things with Dogs!

20. Rolling on the floor in a wedding dress

21. She is forever feeling like a Virgin, and being touched for the first time

22. Sean Penn


24. She was a flying Ninja in the Drowned World Tour

25. She learned to slack line at 54!

26. She likes her men to wear cone bras

27. Brahim!

28. Getting fined for speaking out against the Russian Gay Proganda law

29. Almost getting arrested in Toronto for public masturbation! But who hasn’t?

30. She doesn’t give a fuck

31. The “Don’t Tell Me” music video

32. The “Human Nature” Video

33. Ray of Light. All of it!

34. She drives a mini-cooper and she’s feeling superdoper

35. She can dance, for inspiration

36. I keep hearing her call my name, and it feels like home.

37. Doves fly out of her stomach

38. She loves Frida Kahlo

39. She loves Martha Graham

40. Rosie O’Donnell

41. Sandra Bernard (David Letterman interview anyone?)

42. She performs fellatio on Evian bottles… and she swallows.

43. “I remember looking at her bush”

44. Slam! Belgian stress!

45. Losing her virginity was a career move.

46. She has a dick, in her brain. She doesn’t need one between her legs.

47. Her name is Dita.

48. Her name is Esther.

49. Her concerts are cathartic journeys portraying good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorry, redemption and salvation.

50. Free Pussy Riot

51. She raised tremendous awareness on AIDS

52. Her dedication to Malawi

53. She’s a great mother.

54. She’s still friends with Donatella!

55. Saving the World in 4 Minutes